Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Project Runway Philippines final three designer's collection

The very first season of Project Runway Philippines recently culminated with the top three designers showing off their collection in Philippine Fashion Week.

Philipp Tampus kicked off the runway show with beautiful clothes having a fresh and modern take on crochet. Dedicating his collection to his mom who loved making crochet, Rajo Laurel christened him as a "romantic". His pieces beautifully flattered and celebrated a woman's body. The judges felt that he "needs a leash" design wise. Some of the pieces needed restraint because it had way too much details. Here is a video of Philipp's collection.

Veejay Floresca followed. His pieces were clean and elegant. Rajo Laurel christened him as a "modernist" during the judging. Apples Aberin Sadhwani commented that Veejay will go a far in the fashion industry. All the judges criticized Veejay's wrong choice of fabric for the pieces. This was the collection's main weakness. Here is a video of Veejay's collection.

Aries Lagat was the last designer. According to him, his collection is about a girl from another planet who wanted to adapt to her new environment. This story translated perfectly to his collection. The pieces were cleanly tailored and innovative. Rajo christened him as a "technician" because of this. I personally think it had the best wow factor. However the judges didn’t like the last piece of the collection (a gown). They felt like it was disjointed from the other pieces and this made the collection seem hanging. Here is a video of his collection.


ARIES LAGAT of course. His collection made the best impact on the judges and audience. It had the strongest point of view and the best wow factor. His collection will appear in SM Manila’s window display.


Trent said...

Congrats to ARIES LAGAT!

erasmusa said...

my mom told me about this and she was right. ang galing ni aries lagat!

User said...

I was rooting for Phillip.
Aries is talented. But he is a bratzilla in the making - his tantrums and weight-throwing, better-than-the-rest-of-you attitude in the show sadly reflect this.
You can be a talented bloke and still be nice - Phillip is proof of that.
Veejay initially came across as a diva as well, but later on turned out to be vulnerable and self-deprecating, which was a welcome turn.
All that said, the three of them will all go far.
Just prove the rest of us wrong, Aries.
Don’t be the predictable condescending hag and be a genuinely nice person for a change.

Wendy said...

I was rooting for aries since day one. i am happy he won. but ur right, he kinda has a bad attitude. do u remember his reaction with loida hunter during the first episode?

Anonymous said...

ARIES IÑIGO LAGAT: A Fusion of Brilliant Craftsmanship and Fashion

Aries Iñigo Lagat is Project Runway's Grand Prize Winner! And this is why he won....

Aries, in all challenges, has consistently and superbly shown his outstanding skills and talent in pattern-making and clothes construction. He is actually described by Rajo Laurel as "The Technician." His collection in the competition's finale episode revealed his brilliance in craftmanship! "A Total Design Concept" is how a guest judge described his collection. He excellently demonstrated his concept- a confluence of excellent design, style, vision and technique. In fact, judge Apples Aberin-Sahdwani and host Teresa Herrera affirmed the cohesiveness of his collection.

While some argued the "wearability" of his clothes, it must be stressed that Project Runway Philippines is primarily a talent competition. It tested and challenged the finalists' knowledge, skills, and talents in making clothes. This has been consistently vivid in Aries' works in all of the challenges throughout the competition.

Aries' finale collection is visionary contrary to Veejay's and Philipp's. Veejay, who has the simplest design collection among the three, unfortunately chose to be safe. He failed to take a risk-a must for any competition. On the other hand, Philipp's collection can be described as "a grand tribute to the woman." While it reflects sophistication and elegance, some of Philipp's clothes however went overboard, not to mention outlandish. The crochet, drapery and elaborate treatments provided too much detail that it lost its focus- his core design concept. The collection became quite confusing and lacks coherence. Although he gave the old-fashioned crochet a fresh and modern look, his collection's overall silhouette is a travesty of an old era which made me think "haven't I seen that before?" Nevertheless, his efforts landed him at second place.

Unlike the two finalists, Aries took a huge risk and it paid off! He treated the audience to a gala on the future of fashion - a truly visionary experience. His collection showed that an extensive creative thinking process was laboriously undertaken. It was certainly a well-thought presentation. Aries has proven his strength in making complex patterns and techniques while ensuring fluidity and simplicity. Indeed, Aries has defied the laws of contrast by synthesizing complexity with simplicity.

Aries Iñigo Lagat...A Brilliant Craftsman, An Emerging Name in Fashion!