Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Some snapshots during our stay in the hospital

Of course Butch was snapping pictures with his Nikon D40 during my stay in the hospital. Here are some of his shots…

Taken inside the operating room. I specifically told Butch not to take my headshots while inside. Otherwise I would throw away his camera with every strength I had left in my body hahaha! All I see of myself in this picture is my left hand. I was very groggy and half asleep during the operation. I didn’t feel a thing! Thank God for epidural.

My sister said It really hurts when they take the catheter out. This was taken when my doctor was removing it. They also changed the dressing of my stitches for the first time that's why was covering my eyes. Here at home, Butch does it for me. I don’t want to look at it. I haven’t checked out my post pregnancy body yet. But I know my tummy is still big and I bet there’s a some loose skin.

Just out of mommy’s tummy! Nigel looked more like me on day one. He’s definitely got my eyes and skin color. Everyone’s saying this as they looked at Nigel’s pictures. But on the second day, his skin turned a little redish and he started looking more like Butch especially when he’s asleep. He has Butch’s nose and lips. Oh well, I guess he’s a combination of him and me.

I gave birth at the New Era General Hospital. An institution built and run by the “Iglesia Ni Cristo” Church. A Christian sect here in the Phlippines. The picture above is their place of worship. My cousin/ doctor is an active member of this church. I have no regrets giving birth in this hospital. The people are courteous, the service is good and the price is very reasonable. We spent a lot less than we expected.

Like I said, we weren’t able to take Nigel home right away. He had to stay in nursery a couple more days. We visited him everyday though. I breastfeed him. I am so glad I practiced taking care of babies with my nieces Iris and Chloe! Otherwise I’d be so clueless the first time I picked Nigel up. Butch wasn’t allowed inside. I had no one to help me or to panic with hahaha! I would take pictures of him with my cellphone camera and look at it all day with Butch.