Thursday, November 6, 2008

My blogging adventure with the Lord continues…

I can’t say that I haven’t been waiting for it. The Lord did say He will bless me. The track record of His faithfulness is undeniable. I got offered another paid post at review me for 5$. I happily clicked on the offer but there was something wrong. There was no option for me to accept the offer. It seems that the screen had some missing text. I didn’t know if it was my computer’s problem or the advertisers changed their minds about the offer. I logged in and out of the site time and again, but the option to accept the offer still didn’t show up. Then I said “Lord, what are you trying to do? You must be checking my reaction towards this!”

I could be really disappointed and worried that the offer might be cancelled. But I wasn’t. In my heart I was secure that there was still more to come even if it would cancel. While singing “Here in my Life” I just felt so happy. I have this peace and security inside me that I know no one can steal because I am steadfast in the love and care of my Saviour.

I got a comment on my tabulas blog on my “Dusty Rough Diamond” post. I rarely get comments from that blog. The comment goes “thank you for writing this…”. Also, I was checking out my stats and somebody stayed for 22 minutes reading my “God, if you are real why can’t I hear you” post. The reader found my blog through google. I am happy because of this. Makes me think my blogs are serving its purpose of letting people know who God is from how I experience Him.

Things are just so crazy in the main house. Ivy still can't find new helpers. Chloe and Iris are still wreaking havoc. Nevertheless, we love them.

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