Thursday, November 27, 2008

Crazy Crepes in SM North Edsa, The Block

A popular past time among Filipinos is going to the mall. My sister Amy and I are no different. The other day, we went to SM North Edsa, The Block. We were both craving for something sweet and the mall had lots of restaurants to offer. But this place called Crazy Crepes caught our attention with their very attractive window display of scrumptious crepes! We didn’t order right away we wanted to build up an appetite so we visited the shops first. I saw a couple of items I want to buy when I get my blogging money next week.

After about three hours of window shopping, we were finally ready for the crepes. A crew took our order as we chose what kind of crepe we want from their window display. I chose Caramel Nuts with Cookies and Cream ice cream for 85Php. We approached the counter to claim our orders and pay for it. I was kind of surprised with their crepe’s presentation. My idea of crepes is eaten on a plate with a fork. But what they gave me was rolled crepe and inside was the filling that your suppose to scoop out with a tiny spoon they provided. Hmmm a little unconventional but it was worth a try. We found a table and started eating. Anything with cream ice, caramel syrup and cream is divine! Add the crunch and texture of the chopped almonds and cereals contrasting with the softness of the crepe bread, it was quite an experience. But what I found to be such a hassle is eating it rolled and wrapped in paper. I don’t know if Crazy Crepes is trying to be novel or simply cutting costs but eating it this way takes away the fun. After a while, there was no sense using a spoon. The ice cream melted a spilled on the paper. It was kind of messy to eat. How I wished they provided plates and utensils. I will definitely go back to Crazy Crepes but I will request for plates and utensils. If they can’t provide it, I’ll probably go somewhere else to satisfy my crepe craving.


Mizé said...

Hi Wendy. I love crepes!
With ice cream it´s even better.
Those in the picture look really nice.
A good Sunday.xx

Martin in Bulgaria said...

They look scrumpious.

Renz said...

Hello! I love Mango Crumble from CC!


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