Friday, November 7, 2008

The doctor, the mall and picking myself up

I went to my immunologist today to get my allergy shots. She said after I give birth we will stop the therapy for the meantime. This is done because my immunity would be lower than usual because of blood loss and things like that.

I went to the mall with Amy. I enjoyed myself very much. I never really liked shopping when I was younger, but now there are days when I want to let my eyes feast on the beautiful things the malls have to offer. I am currently dropping cards now for From the eyes. My computer is running a little slow. I am pretty sure it will pick up.

I am getting a bit discouraged with this whole blogging thing. But deep inside something is telling me that I should not give up. That I should go on.

Please help me. I know you once told me that if I want something I should go and get it myself and you will be with me. I feel discouraged Lord. I know its up to me to pick myself up and move on. Thank you for teaching me to be driven and be passionate with what I believe in. Be with me my God, be with me.

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attygnorris said...

Keep your head up and be encouraged!