Thursday, November 6, 2008

The Blender and my earnings in blogging

I made 125$ for the month of October with Review Me alone. Of course I am happy. With regards to ops, I am leaving that all to Daddy. I made only 33$ this week. My goal was 50$. I am still trusting God for all things. I feel sleepy, its 11 pm but I still want to drop.

Butch and I were speakers in JAM. I had fun and I was blessed. I like hanging out them. I need to put a sign on the PC I am using saying the things I have to remind myself constantly of. But I want it written in my heart not in some paper that I can easily forget about.

After the talk, we went straight to SM to buy a blender. We want to make fruit shakes for its very healthy. We had a couple of oranges in the ref so we made orange shake. We were both excited to watch our new appliance crush ice. The old one we had we got as a wedding present did not crush ice very well. When we tasted the shake, it was bitter. We forgot to take out the seeds. Nevertheless we tried our best to finish it. We want all the fiber and nutrients.

I dreamt that my laptop and other important document got lost. I thought it was real.

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