Thursday, November 6, 2008

Customizing "Nurturing Nigel"

I’ve been customizing my Nurturing Nigel template. I must say, I am more experienced now compared to when I started JOHIAspeaks and From the eyes. Things are easier for me. I changed the background and the header. Dealt with html codes and did a little photoshop. And I am quite pleased with the outcome. As of now, I am making NN not look like blogger’s generic template as much as possible. I am not doing a lot of socializing yet. I will do that after I get my own domain. I did all these as I was dropping cards and waiting for ops in PPP (none so far).

This afternoon, I finished writing my Sunday post. I think from now on, I should make sure I finish my Sunday post first before writing paid posts and other posts. It keeps me focused and really helps me reflect. As soon as I get NN and this very blog monetized and earning a steady income- you know supporting a child or two in World Vision, I will begin working on my Super Blog for the Daddy. The one that will house my revelations and NGO adventures. I am currently dropping for NN. I hope I can finish it before Butch arrives.

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