Thursday, November 6, 2008

Finding a Pearl

I just woke up from a dream. I dreamt that I found a big oyster and inside was a pearl. It took some time to open the oyster but I was able to get the treasure inside it. I found the treasure with my sisters.

When I was out getting my eon card, Daddy told me, “OPEN YOUR EYES…” That time I was getting disappointed that I wasn’t getting any ops. Then Dad said “OPEN YOUR EYES…”Then I remembered what I read the other day. Jesus said “my food is to do the will of the Father…” and “Israel, do not forget that you are a special and peculiar generation… I have set you aside for a greater purpose…”

I also remembered the jar of the star-coin prayers Dad gave me when I started blogging again. Could it be that Daddy is not letting me get the ops. It seems so easy for other bloggers. Why can’t I do it? I guess I’ve been side tracked a little. Perhaps even though I don’t see it, if He allows me to get all the ops and earn money it would make me forget the real purpose why I blog. That is to share who God is in my life and be a blessing to others.
Not getting any ops certainly reminded me of this.

When I finally got His point, things changed. I used to drop and run on blogs. I visit 300 plus blogs a day and never caring about the post or the person who wrote it. “OPEN YOUR EYES and look around, for the harvest is ready…” I stopped dropping and running. Instead I read and commented. I found out that there are many bloggers who are sick, needy, sad, etc. When I would come across one, I would lay my hand on their blog and pray for them.

I am happy I am back on track with Daddy! Things are bound to be more exciting. I think I found a treasure indeed just like in my dream. Doing Daddy’s will is my delight, a treasure I wouldn’t trade for anything.

By the way, I finally wrote the review for that furniture site. I enjoyed writing it. I hope it will make Sean happy.
Lord, I've been down in the money road before and it only made me miserable. Thank you for saving me from that. You are my treasure! I know I do not need to chase after these things because you have provided for me. MY FOOD IS TO DO YOUR WILL. I love you!

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