Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Rain, rain go away, mommy Wendy needs to go to the bank.

It’s raining cats and dog outside. Apparently, there’s a storm they named Kiko. I wish it would stop. I need to go to the bank and do some stuff. Our part-time nanny is now a full time one. Nigel is beginning to be a real handful to take care of. He has become very active and easily bored. For sure, he’ll be more active once he learns to walk. Since I already have help, now I can take care of some of Butch’s needs. I’ve sort of neglected him since Nigel came along. But this morning, I prepared him breakfast and his packed lunch for work! For which he thanked me.

What is up with neobux? It keeps telling me that my ip address has clicked on the ad within 24 hours when I hadn’t in days. I saw in their forum other “clickers” are also having the same problem. One suggested that this happens to users who share their internet connection with other users. Unfortunately, we share ours with my sisters. I prayed about it the other night. “Lord, how am I going to solve this ip address problem?” All of a sudden, an idea crossed my mind. I thought of using Internet explorer as a browser (I normally use Firefox). I tried it just now. And it worked. As I write this post, I am clicking ads and happily seeing “ADVERTISEMENT VALIDATED…” ! Yey!

Lord, please make the rain stop. I really want to go out later.

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