Friday, August 14, 2009

Bad mommy, BAD!

Nigel bumped his head twice already this week. On the first incidence he fell from the bed. It was his first time (and I definitely hope the last) to fall. He was sleeping soundly already. I placed pillows all around him because I badly needed to change pads. When I went back I saw him on the floor face down crying. I immediately picked him up. There was a bump on his forehead. This happened about two days ago. Just this afternoon, he bumped his head again while playing. He was seated on his rubber puzzle mat. I think he saw the curtains being blown by the wind behind him. He tried to turn around and fell on his back bumping his head. The poor little thing cried loudly. All I could do was comfort him.

Of course, I hate myself for this. Nigel is growing so active and mobile everyday. He needs to be supervised at all times. Nevertheless I reckon all children have bumped their heads at one point in time. I guess I just have to be more attentive.
I’m dropping entrecards for nurturing Nigel again. I want to to this an everyday thing once more. I’m going to work on a schedule so I could accomplish a lot of things. Its time to conjure the Lynette Scavo archetype!!

I signed up for Facebook. I’ve seen Butch tinkering with it and having fun. And boy was it addicting or what.

Anyway, I hope things work out. I wanna do a lot of things.


Enid said...

Hi Wendy! Don't fret that happens my kids went through that when they were small. But our babies have their guardian angels watching over them so they make these "accidents" less painful and less traumatic for our children. Just to tell you a story I had a friend who had a little girl who was 2 yrs old. She was one of those babies who by the age of 2 did not know how to speak yet. She fell from the second floor of their house and it was like an hour before someone found her. She was rushed to the hospital of course and she stayed in a comatose state for i think 3 or 4 months. No concussion or anything just a few scratches. And you know when she woke up the first thing she said was "an angel saved me" .... for a 2 year old girl who did not know her abc's that was the first phrase that she was able to say. Of course what happened to her was awful but God works in very mysterious ways...

Oh by the way about my son Alloy, he has always mentioned that to us when he was about 3 years old, then on his 6th birthday when his Lola asked him to blow the candle and make a wish he said he wishes to become a priest. So it's nothing new really but still it does overwhelm me when things like this happen. Kaya when he showed me his workbook that day I was staring intently at his drawing and trying to figure out why he drew a priest until he came near me and told me "Mommy yan yung gusto ko maging pag laki ko...o diyan nagbigay ako communion". grabe kinilabutan ako and felt great joy. I hope my son serves our Lord this would be such an honor to be the mother of a Priest.... :)

niko said...

oh my. yena fell from our bed once.. she also got buumps from playing and i fel guilty too. pero diba? lahat naman ata ng baby dumadaan sa phase na yun..we should not worry too much.

i remember i cried soo much the night yena fell from our bed... pag iisipin mo prang OA pero that's how much we love our child noh..

anyways back to work na ko. thanks for dropping by my blog!