Tuesday, August 18, 2009


After such a long time because I put on the mommy hat, I was able to drop 300 entrecards. Not for this blog though but for nurturingnigel.com, my mommy blog. I also want to drop for this site eventually.

Its funny. I was about to submit this site, shards of thoughts to some search engine so it can get a pagerank. But when entered its URL in my pagerank checker, I saw pagerank 2! I guess google has already indexed this site. Hmmm I wonder when did they rank it. The last time I checked was about three months ago and it said n/a. Does anybody know how often and when google updates pageranks? I really want to know.

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niko said...

hi wendy! from what i experienced w/ google. they do update rankings every quarter.. so if you are doing paid posts make sure to hide them before every quarter ends so mr google would not see :)

congrats for dropping 300! i cant reach that anymore these days haay

laki na nigel tlga! pogi! hehehe