Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Organize your bag!

I’ve had this problem too many times. And I am pretty sure most girls have had it too. These are irritating moments when you can’t seem to find what you need from your purse. Looking for a pen or lip gloss, you scramble the contents even taking out some of it. Amy and found a solution for this. We saw a really neat hand bag organizer in a shop called Simple Joys in SM City North Edsa, The Block.

Organizers for different sizes of bags are available for 200-250 Php. Amy chose one just right for the size of her purse. This nifty organizer is made of good quality and has different compartments for big and small items alike. Amy said she saw one in the internet and wanted one ever since. She was very happy to have found one in Simple Joys.


attygnorris said...

This is why I keep it simple and just carry a wallet.


marlene said...

I need a handbag like this. It's so irritating to fumble for small things in my handbag that takes a lot of time.