Sunday, December 28, 2008

One of those pay-per-clicks programs finally paid me

I joined a couple of pay-per-click programs around August of this year. Many bloggers are doing it. I’ve read numerous posts about them being paid with matching “proof of payment” email from paypal. I thought these programs are a great way to earn extra cash. I do it alongside dropping entrecards. There has been a lot of talk though that these programs are a scam. After all, it’s easy money. I joined three namely, and Out of the three only Neobux paid me.

So, are these paid-to-click programs really a scam? In my opinion some are and some are legit. allows you to withdraw funds only when it has reached $9.00. I was faithfully clicking every day until my funds finally reached that amount. When I tried to withdraw it, I couldn’t find the option to send it to my paypal account. After much tinkering with the system, I found out that they changed the rules all of a sudden. They said they only paid “paid accounts”. I had a free account with them. I think “paid accounts” are the ones who also advertise with them or something. I was very disappointed and felt really scammed!

I WILL NEVER USE and RECOMMEND ISABELMARCO.COM to anyone. on the other hand allows you to withdraw funds when it reaches $36.00 if I recall correctly. But unlike most paid-to-click programs that pay only a cent to click one add, they pay two cents. Again, I was faithfully clicking until my funds reached to about $8.00. Then one day when I logged in, I noticed that my funds went back to 36 cents! I was frustrated and disappointed. I never used it again.

At that point I almost gave up. But I decided to give a chance. After all, their site looked very professional and I haven’t read anything bad about them.

$2.00 is the minimum amount of funds they allow you to withdraw for the first time. They allow you to view 4-5 ads a day. I was finally able to withdraw my funds last week. They had a 4 cent charge though for withdrawing. They say its “processing fee”. Well, at least they paid me.

Before joining any of these paid-to-click programs, do a thorough research about the site first. Many bloggers write about their experiences in joining and they share whether they had a good or bad one. Stay away from the sites that have a bad reputation. And if the offer is too good to be true, IT MUST BE A SCAM!

I will continue clicking with neobux. If you’re looking for a legit paid-to-click site, try this one.

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Nessa said...

These sites, along with GPT sites can be really frustrating! I've found very few trustworthy ones. Glad you finally got paid.