Wednesday, December 3, 2008

I’m changing my OB-GYN for the third time

This is my first time to get pregnant. Being comfortable with my health care provider is very important for me. After all, she’s going to deliver my baby. I didn’t like the first Ob-gyn I went to. My health card recommended her to me. For one, I don’t think she’s never gotten pregnant herself and I found her kind of condescending. I couldn’t possibly live with that.

Butch and I asked friends for recommendations and we found my second doctor. She was nice. Very motherly and professional at the same time, I could tell she’s had a lot of experience. One problem I had with her though was she was always either extremely late or absent when I would visit her for my regular check-ups. I think she goes to like three clinics a day or something. Butch always makes a point to accompany me. He would take a leave of absence or go under time from work just to be with me. Imagine the disappointment when she doesn’t show up. Nevertheless, I think I could stick with this doctor. I would if this opportunity hadn’t come up.

My third OB-GYN and definitely the last is actually a cousin of mine. I didn’t think about her initially because her clinic is far from where I live. But we saw each other during my sister’s wedding and I was able to update her about my pregnancy. I found out that she had another clinic that is near my house. I’ll be sticking to her for sure. I am confident that she will be able to take good care of me and Nigel. After all, she’s family.

I had my first check-up with her yesterday. She said the baby is too big and I should stop eating carbs. I am currently on a “diet” from sweet stuff. I want to deliver Nigel normally. I don’t want him to get too big. She also asked me to do this blood sugar test. I will do it next week.
I just finished encoding the booklet Butch asked me to type. It’s actually shorter than I thought.


attygnorris said...

Having a health care provider I trusted, could get along with, listened to me, and showed me respect was important to me when I was pregnant. I changed doctors when I was 37 weeks. If I had gone with my gut, it would have been long before then. I got a recommendation from a charge nurse at the hospital where I was going to deliver. I was very satisfied and recommended the doctor to a friend of mine who just had twins.


Melissa said...

I think it is great that you are being so cautious in who you choose to deliver your baby. For my first pregnancy I just stuck with a clinic that was recommended by my health insurance eventhough I did not like it. The second time I realized I had more freedom.

Utah Mommy said...

I am sure you guys are both excited to see your little one. I pray for your safe delivery and i am sure that the baby will be healthy when she/he( i don't know your baby's gender) comes out.

Zen Ventures said...

Having the "right" OB gyne is always crucial especially when its' your first. I'm glad you found the right one.