Thursday, April 23, 2009

After three months...

It is eleven thirty p.m. Both my boys are finally asleep. Butch is snoring and Nigel is sleeping on his tummy after a satisfying meal of breastmilk in a bottle. It was a rough day for my li’l angel. This afternoon, he was given the DTP immunization shot. He didn’t have fever but he was fuzzy nd whinney the whole afternoon and Butch couldn’t appease him. I guess he wanted his mommy.
At three months old, Nigel is now 7.2 kilos. He can roll over, raise his head 90 degrees, put his hands together, laugh out loud, giggle, vocalize and hold his toys. I am happy to witness how he is developing and growing. By now, he can already sleep through the night in most days. For this reason, Daddy’s night shift no longer exist. I am the one who gets up when Nigel cries for attention once in a while. His pooping has also lessened to two from five to six for the past months. Sometimes he doesn’t even do it in a day.The parenting book What to Expect the first year says this is perfectly normal. At this point the baby is using more of the nutrients cause he’s rapidly growing. That’s why there is less waste product.

As for me, My tummy has definitely shrunked but its still not the same size pre-pregnancy. I don’t think its ever gonna be that flat again. My wound from having a c-section has completely healed. I no longer feel any sort of pain that used to bother me a lot during the the first and second month. My period is even back. Not too happy about this. I was told it wouldn’t come back as long as I am breastfeeding. Apparently I’m not that lucky. I also noticed that my milk supply drops days before and during my period. This has forced me to supplement with formula. I give Nigel four ounces of S26 everyday. I still give him breastmilk 95 % of the time. I just don’t want to see the small can of formula put to waste. It is pretty costly.

I can say that I’ve adjusted to my new life as a mom. But for some reason, I still couldn’t fit blogging into my day. I try whenever Nigel is asleep but I find myself too tired so I also sleep instead. I wanna have more energy to do the things I want. I don’t want to get stuck in this routine. I wanna do other things besides being Nigel’s mommy.


Chris said...

dont worry, after the first 3 months.. usually you can have more "life" :D but then, dont worry, enjoy baby nigel.. they grow up too fast!

mari said...

nice to hear from you again wendy :) same here, i am now simply gwenks' mom... pero it is very ,uch compensated kasi i get to see her first firsts :)