Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I’ll be asking for Pancakes with maple syrup

After I give birth, I will be finally off the “no-sweets” diet. I miss eating carbs. But right now I need to be focused to make sure Nigel comes out healthy. They say that once you get into labor you’re no longer allowed to eat till you give birth. I think it has something to do reflexes. Where in the world where will I get the energy and strength to push if I hadn’t eaten anything?! Labor could last for hours and hours. I guess one forgets the hunger when the labor pain is really bad.

I’ve already told this to Butch. I want pancakes with maple syrup to be my first meal when it’s all over. I have a sweet tooth, that’s a fact but I will still limit my carb intake even after I give birth. I want to eat more healthy stuff- fruits, veggies and fiber so that I can be healthy for Nigel and Butch.
My Ob-Gyn asked me to do a count of Nigel’s fetal kicks to make sure he’s healthy and there’s no problem. Starting tomorrow, I will take note of how many his kicks are within 1 hour after a meal. I’ll be recording it in the same small notebook I use to record my blood sugar.

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kikamz said...

hi wendy! how's the pregnancy? is nigel very eager to come out already? take care you both! so you've decided what you want to eat after your delivery eh? that's good! but still, you'll have to watch what you eat or you'll end up having a hard time shedding those pounds you've gained. God bless wendy! excited na kami to see little nigel!